Veterinary Care.  
  Any veterinary treatments advised by your vet can be continued whilst you are staying with us, including dressing changes and medication. Any routine treatments are carried out in our veterinary examination room. We have a wide experience in the care of elderly, convalescing, blind or deaf dogs, as well as females in season. All our guests are in caring and professional hands.  
  Checks are carried out daily on every guest in our care and if, during your stay with us, we feel that you are not in the very best of health, your own vet will be called.  
  Please Note : If you have any medical conditions please let us know prior to booking or as soon as possible.  
  Puppy Care.  
    As a puppy you may be introduced into the kennel environment once your full vaccinations are complete. Given a proper start with good, caring kennels such as ours, you will grow up with no fear of kennelling, and will look forward to your holiday. The loving care and correct handling you receive with us will ensure that you enjoy your stay. You will come back to us next time and think, "I've been here before and enjoyed it!"  
  Diet and Nutrition.  
    All meals are prepared in our modern hygienic kennel's kitchen and all our guests are fed twice daily. We use a high quality complete diet to ensure that you will receive all the nutrition required. We hold in stock adult, senior light and puppy growth menus, plus a wide variety of popular canned foods.  
  However, if you require a veterinary recommended diet, or you have another preference, simply ask your owner to let us know in advance and you can bring it along with you when you come to stay. Tell us what food, how much and how often and we will ensure that your owner's wishes are carried out. We make no additional charge for this service.  
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