Simple Guidelines.  
  Cary Kennels is open between 9:00am & 5:00pm seven days a week.    
You will need to provide a current record of vaccination.  
    Please let us know if you are unwell before boarding with us, just in case it is something that may be passed on to other guests.    
    Do remind your owner that we don't close until 5 o'clock, so there is no need to rush.    
Our rates are levied daily, including the day of arrival and the day of departure.
    Your boarding fee is payable when your owner collects you. If you are staying with us for a long holiday, we will bill your owner at regular intervals.  
  An Invitation:  
  We are very proud of our kennels, our staff and our reputation. If you and your owner would like to see for yourselves, simply drop in anytime between 10:00am and 5:00pm.  
No appointment necessary.
We will be pleased to show you around.  
  Cary Kennels is licenced under the Boarding Establishments Act and is inspected and advised by  
  the Environmental Health Department of Teignbridge District Council.  
  ©2002 Cary Kennels