Getting to Know Us.  
  If this is your first stay away from home, or may be you have had a bad experience in another kennel, it is vital to get it right this time. As an introduction, we feel it is a sensible way forward for your owner to book you in for a trial visit.  
  Trial Visit.  
  We suggest that as a first step, you come and spend the day with us then, closer to your owner's holiday date, an overnight stay.
  We can get to know you and find out about your likes and dislikes and more importantly, you can get to know us. Your owner will have peace of mind that when you come for your holiday you will have stayed with us already and will settle into familiar surroundings. Tell your owner there is no charge made for trial visits.  
  Each individual kennel is heated, insulated, covered and secure. Whatever the time of year you are able to be out in your run chatting to your doggy neighbours and will be happy, warm and dry. Your individual accommodation is equipped with a thermoplastic bed, blankets and water at all times and you will be placed in a kennel suitable to your individual need.  
In one of our three grassed and secure play areas you will receive plenty of one-to-one contact with your handler during exercise times. With individual attention and plenty of space to run about, it is the time for you both to enjoy each other's company and really let go.
  Playtimes are three times daily, ensuring a very good nights sleep! Toys can make playtime even more fun. Bring along a favourite toy if you wish, or you can borrow one from our toy box. However, not all of us are as energetic as we would like to be. If you simply wish to have a potter about and admire the view, our staff will enjoy keeping you company.  
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